Thursday, February 16, 2012

Skin Care

Let’s take a look at the skin care products you are using now. Are you still using the same skin care system you were using when you were 20? That’s great if you are 20 but not so great if you are 40! I came across friends saying, "I haven’t changed my skin care since I first starting using them" or "This product suits me so I don't dare to change because I have sensitive skin". We are going to explore the different age groups together starting from the teen years to the 60’s to help you make decisions that are right for your skin needs and concerns.

Early Teens - they need to be taught a basic and skincare routine so it becomes a habit. A good facial cleansing system in either hydrating or balancing formulas are great for young skin. Start by determining your skin type, normal to dry or normal to oily. This will help you get started using the proper formula in your skincare products. You should do your skincare routine morning and night. A couple of additional products that may be needed for situations that come up like a blemish, etc. In your late teens, you may want to add an eye cream. Last but not least, sunscreen everyday of at least SPF 30.

20’s - If you are happy with what your skin is doing, you may want to continue with you current skincare system. Your skin type can start to change during your 20’s so keep checking your skin type. Adding an eye cream to your routine is a must. Furthermore, the eye area is the first area on the face that shows the signs of aging.

30’s - This is the age group that can get a little confusing. You are only in your thirty’s but by being vigilant with your skincare, now is really preventative for things that develop as you get older. Start again by checking your skin type. Changes really start to happen for you mid twenties to your thirties. Are you starting to notice little lines or unevenness on your face and around the eyes? Now may be the time that you should start looking into skincare that also contains anti aging ingredients. You may want to add treatment products to keep your skin glowing. Depending on your exposure to the sun and habits, you may want to look into the other products available that address the specific issues you may have. Remember, sunscreen, sunscreen, and sunscreen!

40’s - This is the age group that starts to notice changes in their skin type. It is really important to pay attention to signs of change like your skin feels tight and uncomfortable after you have cleansed or you are noticing dry areas that were not there before. You can also notice you are having issues with acne that you haven’t has since your 20’s. Your skin is really asking for a little help and here is where all of the time you have taken to care of your skin over the years really pays off. Anti aging skincare products like are the way to go. Remember your Sunscreen!

50’s - Remember the 50’s are the new 30’s so keep up the good work with analyzing your skin type to make sure you are using the correct skincare and moisturizing products. There are some additional products that target specific skin issues that may start to occur in your 50’s due to loss of firmness, unevenness and lines and wrinkles. It’s important to continue your skincare routine morning and night and look at what issues concern you most.

60’s - Keep following the suggestions for the skin in the 50’s. Don’t forget to analyze your skin to make sure you are using the products for your skin type; keep up with your routine morning and night.

Remember it’s your skin. Look at your skin and analyze it. Take your time, nobody is looking or watching. Treat the issues that most concern you and use the correct products for you.

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